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DevNews Material

This is a very limited area, as DevNews (the newsletter on the Borland community site) closed when I decided to open the area. The only article referring to it was lost in cyberspace for months... and has been published recently.

Marco's Code Repository License

This code is published as part of my Delphi Code Repository, which includes examples of all of my books and more. The Repository is an open source project with centralized control.

You can freely use this source code in your own projects, free or commercial, but you cannot publish it on your web site (links are welcome), or part of copyright material (unless you ask Marco for a permission). If you want to share an updated version with other developers, you can forward it to Marco to be published here (with full credit to your portion of the work). The software is provided as is, with no guarantees of any sort.

The Code

The source code relates only to the article "A Dataset with no Database" published in June 2000 on the Borland community site.

If you want to learn about more OOP programming techniques in Delphi, including the discussion of an extended version of the dataset, handling objects instead of directories, consider attending Marco's OOP in Delphi seminar in San Diego in July 2000.