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Marco's Biography

Marco was born in Piacenza, Italy, where he attended high school. He did his university studies in Computer Science at the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy.

Being in contact with Borland he was asked to write a book on C++ programming in Italian. The book was eventually turned into English and followed by a multi-author text covering the Object Windows Library.

At the same time, Marco started teaching C++ and Windows programming classes at what was the Italian branch of Microsoft University. The training Marco did for Mondadori Informatica included Windows API basic and advanced classes, the C++ language, Visual C++ and MFC, COM programming, and few other topics.

The first time Marco saw Delphi he left the Microsoft-oriented Mondadori and founded his own (small) training and consulting company, where he still works today.

At the same time he produced Mastering Delphi, the father of a best-selling series of Delphi books translated worldwide. His most recente Delphi books are MAstering Delphi 4 and the advanced text, Delphi Developer's Handbook.

Along all these year, Marco wrote many articles. In Italy, he used to write for the Italian edition of PcMagazine, called PCProfessionale, and for a programmers journal, Computer Programming. He now contributes articles mainly to PDJ and to his own web site.

His first article in English, followed by few others, was published by Windows Tech Journal. Beside a single appearence on Delphi Informant, he contributes from time to time to The Delphi Magazine (a UK magazine).

Marco is married to Lella and is father of a girl, Benedetta. Beside a 3-months visit to San Francisco, California, and many many travels worldwide, Marco has always lived in Piacenza, and currently owns a flat of a small 14th century building.

A few pictures of Marco, just to know how he's looking


Marco's Company
Read about Wintech Italia Srl, the training and consulting company Marco has founded.