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Delphi 4 Secret Registry Settings

by Marco Cantù

Originally written on August 18, 1998

Here are a few undocumented Registry settings of Delphi 4, which are actually very useful. Other settings will be in my Mastering Delphi 4 book.

All settigns are under HKEY_CURRENTUSER\Software\Borland\Delphi shortened as HKCU\...\Delphi .

  • Automatically Changing Palette page (as you hoover with the mouse over a tab). Set to string with value "1": HKCU\...\Delphi\4.0\Extras\AutoPaletteSelect
  • Automatically Scrolling Palette (when icons don't fit in a page - move over the side arrows). Set to string with value "1": HKCU\...\Delphi\4.0\Extras\AutoPaletteScroll
  • Default Editor Size. Set to DWARD value HKCU\...\Delphi\4.0\Editor\DefaultHeight HKCU\...\Delphi\4.0\Editor\DefaultWidth
  • Show Code Insight Errors in Message pane (must be already open). Set to string with value "1": HKCU\...\Delphi\4.0\Compiling\ShowCodeInsiteErrors
  • Share Component Templates on network. Set to a shared directory: HKCU\...\Delphi \4.0\Component Templates\CCLibDir