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cantoolsCantools Components for Delphi

Freeware without source (available in book format)

Delphi 5 Update

Delphi 5 version (with 3 new components, a data-aware progress bar, track bar, and status bar) now available (82 KB)

Download the Delphi 4 version, (47Kb).


CantDbGrid is a DbGrid extension which allows multiple lines of text in each cell based on a memo and displays graphics as well. Set the LinesPerRow property to obtain the effect you want.


CantRecordView is a single-record viewer, based on a vertical grid. The viewer shows the details of memo and graphic fields. Use the DefaultColWidth and DefaultRowHeight properties for changing the layout.


CantAppExt is a helper for setting properties and handling events of the Application global object. It includes also full TrayIcon support.

The source code of these components is fully described in the book Delphi Developer's Handbook.

In case of errors please let me know, but always remember you are using this software at your own risk (so the saying goes).

For reporting errors, questions and suggestions you can use the newsgroup devoted to my tools, at the address (hosted on news://

Write Components?
The Delphi Developer's Handbook is a precious source of information on Delphi Components Writing, and one of the most advanced.

Components on the Web
Check Torry's Delphi Pages and the Delphi Super Page for the huge collections of Delphi components