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Pascal to HTML Converter

This very simple tool converts a Pascal source code file into an HTML file with the proper syntax highlighting. It is not very flexible, but it sets all the keywords in bold, and all the comments in blue and italic.

I've used this tool to create the HTML version of the source code of the examples of Mastering Delphi 3.

It is extremely easy to use this tool: simply select a Pascal source file, choose a name for the target HTML file, enter the proper copyright information, and press the button to generate the file. Another button allows you to open the file in your default browser.

Download The stand-alone Pascal to HTML converter application, the same version found in the DDH book.

Download PrjWebW.dpl (updated on 16 dic 97). The Project to Web Wizard, which adds an item in the Delphi 3 help menu, and allows you to convert all the source code files of the current project (PAS, DFM, and DPR files) into a single HTML file.