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VB2Delphi Migration Kit

VB2Delphi Migration Kit by Albert Almeida(caviola at
(Hosted on
Free Alpha Version


VB2Delphi Migration Kit is a Visual Basic 6 to Delphi source code migration tool. The current version supports .BAS, .CLS, .FRM and .VBP files.

What's New in v0.5

  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Support for conditional translation based on #Const, #If..#Then. This means that #If..#Then IS NOT converted to {$IFDEF}..{$ENDIF}. What is translated is the resulting selected block. For now, the only implicitly defined compiler constant is WIN32.
  • Support for .VBP, and .FRM files. The DFM is not generated yet.
  • First implementation of conversion maps. Now you can specify how to translate the members of VB libraries to Delphi equivalents. See documentation in help/maps.htm.
  • Included a new tool called GenVB2D that generates the basis for conversion maps. It simply takes a type library file and generates an skeleton conversion map. See command line switches.
  • Implemented some command line switches for VB2Delphi.

The following features are not currently converted:

  • On Error, Lock, Unlock, Resume, Return, Time, ForEach
  • Form control descriptions(.DFM)
  • Implements

What's Coming!

  • Generation of DFM files.
  • Mapping template syntax for event handlers.

VB2Delphi Migration Kit is a work in progress. This version should be considered a Tecnology Preview or Alpha.
For bug reports, comments, suggestions and feature requests contact the author.

Download Instructions

To try it out download The compressed file contains the executables VB2Delphi and GenVB2D which are command line tools, a few sample conversion maps, the help files and demo VB programs converted to Delphi.